<aside> 🏁 I leverage tech to help small businesses transition into high-growth companies.



Hi, Callan here 👋. I am a results driven Systems Engineer, CTO and longtail Strategist with more than a decade worth of technical experience and more than half a decade advising or running teams varying from a handful of members, to hundreds.

While on this journey I noticed the focus of driven leaders quickly jumps from an idea for a product or solution right to implementation. While velocity is useful, the risk of making that jump without proper scoping and experience causes costs to triple, the end result to miss its mark, and leadership wondering where it all went wrong.

Software is complex. Talk to someone who’s been in your shoes.

By way of consulting, I have been exposed to all manner of industries, business models, roles and modes of thinking. If you introduce me to something new, I will do a deep dive into your industry and business to see what makes it tick. Thats what makes this work special. There are always new problems to solve.

Some Interesting Projects I’ve lead

<aside> 🎯 Gathered, consolidated and made use of hundreds of millions of property and owner record data for a Tier 1 Property Manager in the Northeast to better focus their marketing spend, heighten operational efficiencies and choose what geographic market to grow into next.


<aside> 🎯 Designed and built AI models and semi-autonomous drones to scan residential and industrial buildings for construction faults. That data was fed into a machine learning “black box” trained on millions of data points and conveyed to consumers via a proprietary customer portal.


<aside> 🎯 Conducted pre-purchase due diligence on a Dallas based, PE backed roofing rollup to include operations and risk analysis, and technology “best fit”.


<aside> 🎯 Advised and built a top-notch engineering team for a post-funding social media startup focused on giving artists control of their online creations.


<aside> 🎯 Built a from-scratch DDos mitigation network service (”Mitigation as a Service”) to protect large gaming platform’s infrastructure from attacks. Served 150 billion requests within the first week on market.


How I can help you validate and execute on your ideas

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From idea to implementation, harnessing the technology available to founders today is overwhelming and riddled with pitfalls. Luckily we've done it all before. So whats stopping you from making the leap?